Need Electrical Services? Types Of Electrical Switches Suitable For Your Home | Wilmington, NC

Need Electrical Services? Types Of Electrical Switches Suitable For Your Home | Wilmington, NC

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Electrical appliances and lighting require switches to connect or disconnect them to electricity. These electrical controllers are vital in turning on or off the electrical current flowing to lights or electrical devices and equipment. There are diverse electrical switches, but they might seem the same outside. They have different functions in your home in Wilmington, NC.

You should seek quality electrical services to install these electrical gadgets in your new house. An electrician’s expertise is essential for the process, starting from purchasing to installation. Here are some types of switches in homes.

Single Pole-Switch

It is also known as a one-way electrical switch and is one of the most used wall switches in homes. The single-pose controller is a general-purpose electrical component that controls light, fans, receptacles, and appliances from one place.

A single-pole switch has on and off markings that make it easy to operate in most houses. The switch also has two brass-colored terminals that an electrical services expert connects to the power source wires for optimal functioning.

The expert in electrical services connects one brass-colored screw to the hot wire coming from the power source, while the other is for the outgoing wire that directs current to appliances and other electrical fixtures. The one-way electrical switch also connects the two terminals when you switch on and breaks the connection when you switch off.

Double Pole Switch

You might choose to have the two-way electrical switch in your home. The wall switch is similar to the one-pole type because of the on and off marking on the toggle. They are also the same when controlling lights, devices, and appliances from one location.

With correct installation, the double pole switch can handle higher-demand power appliances in your home, including heaters, air conditioners, and washing machines.

Unlike the single-pole switch, two-way switches have four hot brass-colored terminals and ratings of 30 amps. Two hot terminals connect to the power source while the other two attach to electrical devices. The electrician from a reliable company offering top-notch electrical service understands that the connection to the terminals should alternate and not at the same time.

The double pole switch can handle a 240 voltage circuit. So, if you have heavy appliances in your home, get technicians offering quality electrical services to install the double pole switches in some parts of your house.

Three-Way Switches

Another common type of wall switch suitable for houses in Wilmington, NC, is the three-way. It has no markings that indicate on or off on the toggle, making it different from the single and double controllers because of the diverse positions of the switch. It also controls current for lighting and receptacles from two distinct places.

The contractor providing electrical services can install them in hallways, stairs, basements, or garages as long as the place has two entries. You can switch it on at the entry door and switch the lights off at the exit, and vice-versa.

The three-way switch is different from the one and two-pole switches because it has three terminals. The electrician from a renowned company that offers electrical services connects the hot wire coming from the power source to a COM terminal, the darkest screw.

The COM screw terminal connects to the hot wires from the other three terminals. The other two screw terminals of the three-way switch are travelers. They connect to the common terminal by tying two switches together and are interchangeable.

A knowledgeable and skilled technician providing electrical services understands that the traveler terminals are hot wires and will implement extra safety measures when installing the switch for safety purposes. The professional uses black tape to label the hot terminals to protect against electrical hazards. The labeling helps electricians handle the wiring and switch maintenance in the future.

Four Way Switch

This type of switch is suitable for homes in Wilmington, NC, with large rooms and long hallways that might have more than two entrances, especially for holding parties and guests.

Your trusted professional from an electrical service company install the switches in different locations to control one lighting fixture in the large room. The expert can fix the controllers on the staircase and all the entrances in the room.

The switch has four brass-colored terminals and an additional ground terminal. It resembles the double-pole control, but the four-way type lacks the on and off markings. The four-way switch does not have a “COMM” terminal screw that the three-way switches have for primary control. The layouts of the four screw terminals are unique due to the different manufactures.

Smart Switch

In this time and age where next-generation power-switching devices and smart technologies are up-to-the-minute developments, it will be weird to miss smart electrical switches in your home. This is the latest switch in the market, and most folks prefer it over the old ones. It has an on and off mode on devices but is not similar to the single or double pole switches. The switch is convenient for most homes because it allows the residents to control lights from any part of the house.

For instance, you might be in bed and remember you did not switch off the lights in the living room; in that case, you just use the smart switch to put off the lights without getting out of your cozy bed. The electrical controllers are two, three, or four-way with varying terminals, similar to the wall switches.

They require a neutral connection and should always be powered. For that reason, you will need quality electrical services to install a new cable that will help operate the switch remotely.

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