Reasons To Contact A Professional Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Reasons To Contact A Professional Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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Your electrical system is fragile due to the loads of electrical power it handles every day. One improperly installed or frayed wire could lead to more and more damage. It is important to care for it and pay attention to signs of decay and malfunction. Electrical systems are just a series of circuits, wires, cables, appliances, and outlets. These components of your electrical system work together to direct and control the electrical energy that is sent from your energy provider to you. Caring for these components can prevent electrical disasters such as electrical fire, shock, and property damage. Pay attention to your electrical system and look out for signs of malfunction. If you notice any, contact an emergency electrician for urgent electrical system repair. If you live in or around the Wilmington, NC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington for all of your electrical service needs.

When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

Knowing when to call a professional electrician is half the battle. Having a preventive maintenance electrician for regular system care and repair will help reduce the chances of an electrical disaster and the need for an emergency electrician. If you notice the signs of an electrical disaster on the horizon you could do something about it by having a professional repair it before it’s too late. If you notice any of the following signs contact your local electrician for urgent electrical repair service and try to refrain from utilizing the malfunctioning component.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may not always seem like a huge issue; however, they can be the first sign of trouble in an electrical system. Flickering lights may even be normal in your household. Flickering lights often occur in older homes. If you live in an older home and have yet to have your electrical system maintained, you should have a professional electrician inspect and repair your electrical system as soon as possible. Older homes often have the most issues with their electrical systems. If your home is more modern and is having an issue with flickering lights you should pay attention. Flickering lights in a newer home is not normal at all and is an indication of a huge problem.

Flickering lights in a modern home may be due to faulty installation or malfunctions in the system. The reason flickering lights commonly happen in older homes is loose connections and old wiring. Although this is not safe and warrants emergency electrical services, it is common. Flickering lights in newer homes isn’t because newer homes have newer electrical systems and wiring. Electrical systems are designed to last as long as possible. If flickering lights happen soon after the home’s been built and lived in, it could be due to cheap wiring, faulty installation, or even rodents.

If your lights have always flickered you can contact your local emergency electrician for electrical repair however, you do not need to panic, you can continue using your lights until your professional emergency electrician has arrived. If your lights are flickering uncharacteristically stop using them and contact an electrician for urgent electrical system repair. If you live in or around the Wilmington, NC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington for urgent electrical repair.

Circuit Breaker Trips

A circuit breaker is defined in the name. It is an electrical system feature that breaks the connection from the circuit outside of your home to the one inside your home. Circuit breakers can be found in the home’s electrical panels. Electrical panels are usually located in the basement, garage, and sometimes attic of a home. Know where your circuit breaker is and having access to it all of the time is extremely important for your safety and the protection of your property. Circuit breakers can either be tripped automatically or manually. Manually breaking a circuit is usually done if work is being completed or you’re experiencing an electrical system malfunction. Turning off and on the circuit could help restart it and help it work more efficiently. However, if you find yourself needing to do that often contact an emergency electrician.

Circuit breakers were designed to trip automatically in the case of an electrical surge or anomaly. Your home’s electrical circuit breakers will become engaged and break the connection. Circuit breakers may recognize an anomaly if you are using too many high wattage appliances at one time on one single circuit. Circuits that are often affected are the ones that power the kitchen and sometimes living room or bedroom areas. This is due to the many high-wattage appliances that may be used in a kitchen at one time. If your circuit breaker is constantly being engaged after you have utilized multiple machines such as an oven, stove, and microwave, the strain of powering all of these devices will cause that circuit to become overloaded with electrical power, in which case your circuit breaker will trip in order to prevent electrical fire, disaster, or their forms of electrical damage. Other reasons for frequent circuit breaker trips are much sinister. If your circuit breakers seem to be engaged for no reason, contact an emergency electrician right away.


Other reasons for alarm include signs of heat in your electrical system. Electricity is hot and powerful. This is why your electrical system was designed the way it is. The goal of your electrical system is to direct and control this powerful and hot energy in order to provide your home with the comforts of electricity. If your electrical system isn’t doing a good job of this, it will cause heat damage to appear on your property. Heat damage can usually be found around outlets and light switches. If you notice this, stop using those electrical system components and contact an emergency electrician for urgent repair. This is a very dangerous electrical system malfunction that can easily lead to an electrical fire and extensive property damages.

The bottom line is if your electricals system isn’t functioning as it should contact an electrician for electrical system inspection, repair, and maintenance. If your electrical system exhibits any of the signs mentioned, contact an emergency electrician and refrain from using your electrical system if possible. If you live in or around the area, contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington for all of your electrical system repair and maintenance needs.