Upgrading Your Electric Panel Gives You A World Of Electrical Services Options For Your Home | Wilmington, NC

Upgrading Your Electric Panel Gives You A World Of Electrical Services Options For Your Home | Wilmington, NC

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There are plenty of reasons why your old fuse box or ancient breaker panel could use some attention, probably an upgrade to a newer model with the capacity and protection your modern family needs. One of the biggest reasons besides safety is being prepared for all the electrical upgrades that your home may need in the future, from additional circuits in home offices, kitchens, and kids’ rooms, to providing capacity for remodeling, garage workshops, and special features like EV charging. At some point, you’ll want to “level up” to a new breaker box and possibly power input to your home. Our electrical services team at Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC is ready to plan and install the system that’s right for you.

Remodeling Your Electric Wiring

These days, people understand that upgrading basic electrical system components has an important purpose. It’s always a good idea, especially if the existing components are decades old when it modernizes electrical services and components and makes them easier to work with. If you pour a patio and decide you want to add some outlets, lightning, and an electric cooking area, having a nice new breaker box with a bunch of openings for new circuits, it’s an easy wiring job to add a few circuits and run wires outside with GFCI protection. Speaking of protection, upgrading is also the time to add AFCI protection to your panel, something that’s used on new construction because it’s such important protection against short circuits and corrosion in your wiring, shutting circuits down when issues are detected that could potentially lead to a fire.

Additional Circuit Protections for Your Whole Home

If you’ve been buying piecemeal protection against lightning and power surges in the form of power strips, for one thing, let our electrical services team install some quad outlets on your walls so you can avoid a tangle across your floor. We can also install a whole-house lightning arrestor and surge protector to cover all your circuits. This way, everything including your kids’ computers and gaming equipment, your home theater and bedroom audio gear, everything sensitive and electronic is protected. Studies have shown that protection against power line based problems can help avoid incremental damage that results in future failures, as well as instant damage when lightning strikes nearby.

Sub Panels and Other Extensions

If your lifestyle is getting sophisticated, you may want our electrical services team to do wiring upgrades for spaces like your garage that rival your main breaker box. Subpanels can be a helpful strategy in some cases, either as an extension of your main box or located close to where you need it, such as the garage or workshop outbuilding. One of the concepts behind upgrading your wiring is making it orderly and logical, which if you look at older fuse boxes and power panels that have stood the test of time, seems to be a recent concept for some. Our electrical services experts aim for wiring that looks good and is done right.

Three Phase and 240V Power

Our expert electrical services professionals can install the right equipment in your breaker box to supply power for equipment that needs three-phase motor power wiring or 240V power for welders and other equipment. Once you’re up to date, it’s not just a great place to add basic circuits, but also more advanced power sources.

Backup Generator Connections

Are you thinking about backup power and a nice, reliable generator sitting in your backyard ready to spring to life when you need it? You’ll probably be having an electrical services provider add an automatic transfer switch to make a clean break from the commercial power grid that’s offline and switch over to your generator. A modern electrical panel makes wiring this and other sources such as a solar inverter a lot easier and more straightforward. If you want to manage your loads, wiring your home to support that is also easier. Let us help pull it all together.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Options

When you look into a home-based charging station for your EV, you’ll be surprised how long most cars take to charge on the basic charging stations, like a Level 1 that draws current comparable to a normal home circuit. The time it takes can be overnight and then some, but if you run the right circuits, you can upgrade your charging capacity and get overnight or less charging times using 240V Level 2. The key will be having upgraded power capacity for your home to handle whatever you want to allocate for vehicle charging.

Electrical Services That Add Value to Your Home

When you think about the difference between a home wired with a new breaker panel and modern power connectivity, and one that’s still got the original service and fuse box, you know that a lot of people are going to see the potential of modern power distribution and protection in the new panel. As part of your home’s infrastructure, it supports the availability of electricity in more places, and the types of power you need for specialized purposes that are becoming more popular these days. If your home’s wiring needs further upgrades to grounded outlets and GFCI, we can help you create an electrical remodeling plan for the future.

Electrical Services for Upgrading Your Wilmington, NC Home’s Core Electrical Components

At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we know that your home is only as old as its infrastructure. Great wiring, plumbing, and appliances change the livability picture significantly. Our contribution is your modern wiring, from the power capacity coming in from the street to your spacious new breaker box with AFCI and other protection, and wiring to support your fun, work, cooking, and illumination. We can make the upgrades you need for now and into the future, including that cool EV you’ve been thinking about. Give us a call and let’s talk about what’s possible.