Why Do You Need A Registered Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Why Do You Need A Registered Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

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Research shows that a good percentage of consumers prefer unregistered electricians. That is because they believe it helps them save some money. But still, it is hazardous to rely on those unregistered, whether in industrial, domestic, or commercial places. It is dangerous and poor decisions may lead to electrical accidents or even fatal death.

It is because of such issues that people are advised to rely on a registered electrician. That is because they tend to have experience and required skills that meet electrical safety standards. It also means you have to find a reliable company that offers quality services. Mister Sparky has the best reliable electrical experts that you can entrust to your home. If you plan to move into a new home, the electrician can inspect your home first to ensure everything is in place.

Some of the common electrical problems that an electrician can handle include circuit breaker tripping, broken outlet plugs, and electrical shocks. Others have light bulbs that burn out often, frequent tripping breakers, warm outlets, and short circuits.

Like any other contractor, they also have specialized fields. For instance, some specialize in commercial property work; others only go out on service calls, while others handle for a construction site. Some have even concentrated more on re-modeling, which means they are perfect with handling wiring for new and existing homes at any time.

Besides, not all electrical work needs professionals. For instance, if you want to adjust your room lighting, you can consider various LED options. But, still finding the best, you will need an electrical professional’s advice. More so, only electrical contractors can help with your search for the best reliable bulb.

Mister Sparky has two types of electrical experts. But even though they are different, they possess the same skills in all fields.

Let’s look deeper into electrical experts available in Mister Sparky electrical contractors.


This type of electrician is available 24/7 to offer electrical services/repair. That means you can count on them when you need help most. Before hiring an electrician, you must ensure that they are skilled and professional. They are only found in registered, licensed companies. That is why at Mister Sparky, every electrician has vast experience and is also licensed. These emergency experts handle any emergency, thus, offering quality services. Some of the emergency electrical solutions offered include electrical maintenance, electrical metering, electrical fault finding, and much more.


Electrical problems pose lots of risk in your home or business. It can go to the extent of even making the food in your refrigerator spoiled without you knowing. Even though Mister Sparky is known for electrical installation, repair, and inspection, it also offers all electrical repairs. Our general experts can handle light fixture repair, underground wiring repair, generator repair, emergency repair, and more.

Besides that, they also offer electrical upgrades. That includes ceiling fans, landscape lighting, service upgrades, circuit wiring, and more. Our expert craftsmanship is what makes our electrical contractor the best. We are ready to handle any type of service you need in your home or business.

Emergency Electrical Service

Various electrical emergencies require immediate attention to avoid inconveniences. For instance, if a wire in your home or business is prone to fire or you experience constant tripping of breakers, then there is a high risk of fire break out. Without a reliable electrical contractor’s contact, you may lose more in your business or home, which can even cause fatal death.

More so, businesses get affected most even if there is power loss for only an hour or some days. Meaning your business profits will greatly reduce within some hours as no services will be ongoing. Our team ensures the electrical problems do not result in significant losses. They guarantee 100% satisfaction as they work their best not to face the same issue after a month.

Why Choose Mister Sparky Electrical Experts?


Professionals from this service provider have successfully offered their services to the people of Wilmington, NC and the surroundings with quality services for some years now. It means they are skilled and professionals in their work. It is because of our professionalism that we are popular and we also get returning clients.


The team has a highly trained professional that is always punctual to ensure the services are offered in time. They take less than an hour to attend to you electrical needs making them very reliable in the city. They are more dedicated to providing clients with service- friendly services. They are available 24/7 to provide you with installation, repair, inspection, and any other electrical service that you may need.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

This service provider guarantees you a 100% satisfaction rate. They will ensure that everything goes back in place once they are done, and you won’t need to call again after a month regarding the same problem. Also, you get upfront fees information so that there may be no inconvenience after service.


An excellent electrical services company offers customer support. At Mister Sparky, they are ready to answer all your questions anytime you need help. Customer support are also professionals, so no worries as they understand everything you will be talking about. Therefore you get all the service you deserve. And since communication is the success of every business, we are always ready to listen.

Suppose you plan to find a reliable, skilled, and professional electrician. In that case, Mister Sparky of Wilmington electrical contractors have all it takes for the best services. Apart from being professional, their charges are friendly, and they are also reliable in-case of any problem. Skilled and licensed professionals will help solve your problems with ease. Whatever the case, you can call or email us for more information. You can also visit us at 3232 Kitty Hawk Rd, Wilmington, NC 28405.