Customized Electrical Service For Each Room Of Your House | Wilmington, NC

Customized Electrical Service For Each Room Of Your House | Wilmington, NC

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Electrical power access is about a lot more than outlets and light switches in the modern home. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC, we provide our electrical services customers with remodeling and upgrade services to meet their lifestyles. We know that, as the devices in your home multiply, it’s tempting to improvise with tangled power sources. We can help untangle that mess, and add electrical convenience to your family’s lives.

Kids’ Bedrooms Need Plenty of Power These Days

Even in the early years, children’s bedrooms need power for lighting, baby monitors, even early electronic toys that need charging. As kids grow, their needs multiply and their computers, phones, gaming systems, TVs, lighting, and much more all place demand on outlet space, if not actual power loads. Quad outlets are practical additions, as are outlets spaced around the room to avoid a hazardous tangle of extension cords and daisy-chained power strips. Outlets that offer in-wall USB charging sources are also useful. Our electricians provide effective wiring, installation, and other electrical services to bring your children’s bedrooms up to date.

Adult’s Bedrooms Serve as Modern Offices and Entertainment Centers

It’s hard to say whether adults or kids need more power in their bedrooms these days, as kids are so often diving in on new technologies and needing lots of outlets to power and charge them. Still, our electrical services technicians have seen that adults are often just as tech-active and can have multiple baby monitors, smart home devices, and in-room entertainment nooks that need plenty of outlets to organize their electrical supplies.

Living Rooms

Even the most elegant living room has lighting and a few electrical devices including smart home equipment discreetly placed for localized access to information and control. In a busy modern living room, chances are visitors will be charging their phones, and cleaning folks will be plugging in to vacuum. A quick call to our electrical team can not only get you the outlets you need for enhanced use, but also provide expert wiring of your updated low-power lighting and smart lighting equipment.

Dining Rooms

Did you know that many compact fluorescent bulbs don’t work properly with existing dimmer switches? As homes switch to low-energy lighting systems and even smart home control of lighting, there are many reasons why our electrical services people can help you make the transition. We make sure that everything is installed and connected professionally and we have the skills to expand your wiring as needed, so you don’t have to compromise on your dining room’s lighting design.

Family Rooms

Family rooms are dynamic and full of life in many homes, from toys and gadgets to train sets, computers, even holiday decorations. It’s hard to plan the power needs from day to day, and if there aren’t enough outlets the dangers aren’t just from makeshift extension cords and other gear criss-crossing the room — fights can break out as kids’ territoriality expands to places to charge their phones. Quad outlets, well-spaced access, and USB on the wall are all great options, as well as in-wall smart home control panels and installed smart lighting. If you don’t want to be the referee on power outlets, call our electrical services team to outfit your family room with the power sources everyone needs.

Home Theaters

A modern high-end home theater system can actually require a lot of power. Our electrical services team can design and install the circuits you need for televisions, high-powered sound systems, and racks of gear. In addition to providing places to connect your home theater gear, we can also provide your low-voltage and audiovisual wiring using the same experienced home wiring skills that we use for your power wiring. Count on us for network cabling and speaker wiring throughout the room including systems that extend into the ceiling and walls, and demanding HDMI and other video wiring that keeps your picture quality top-notch.

Home Offices

One of the challenges of home office wiring is the cluster of electrical equipment all in one corner of the room. Our electrical services designers can organize easy power access that will make organizing a home office so much easier, and without the risk that touching that power strip button will lead to a sudden coffee break while your equipment restarts. We can also provide surge protection and lighting arrestors to protect your equipment, including ones installed at your power box that cover the whole room or even your whole house. Ask us how we can help you like we’ve helped many of your Wilmington, NC area neighbors set up their home offices.

Kitchen Spaces

A handy countertop computer or smart home display is now a kitchen necessity. You keep connected with the world and your mobile family, display recipes, order groceries, and control smart home devices from door answering to temperature and lighting. It’s surprising how many smart home features are also available for the kitchen, some of which do require a bit of wiring and perhaps a local network access point for high-speed network coverage in this part of the house. We’ll put in the wiring for whatever you need, from smart ovens to the latest voice-activated faucets that let you busy about the room with your hands full while preheating the oven and running some rinse water over dishes in the sink, calling out commands that will make your family wonder what’s going on in the kitchen.


Hygienic faucets that respond with a hand wave, dampness detectors, and smart lighting are just a few of the features we can wire in your bathroom.

Expert Modern Electrical Services for Every Room of Your Home

Your home will benefit from up-to-date electrical services provided by Mistery Sparky of Wilmington. We provide not only carefully installed wiring, fixtures, and equipment, but ideas to improve your home’s electrical features and expert safety inspections and service. Give us a call for your projects, and count on us in electrical emergencies.