Top Five Common Electrical Services Offered By A Professional Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Top Five Common Electrical Services Offered By A Professional Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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Electricity is a necessity in the modern world as we rely on it for our day-to-day activities. From lighting and powering appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines to heating and cooling spaces, it is clear that multiple people entirely depend on this precious resource for survival. A study in 2019 showed that a standard residential customer in the US consumes an average of 10,649 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually and about 877 kWh per month. However, the consumption is dependent on several factors, including the size of the home, energy usage patterns, and climate conditions of the area.

Electricity is a delicate resource as it is susceptible to problems that might result in safety issues such as fire outbreaks and severe damages. Local homeowners can hire professional electricians to address the electrical issues they encounter. That will give you peace of mind and enhance the safety of your home and the longevity of your electrical appliances. Below are a few electrical works that require the knowledge and expertise of a professional.

Alarm and smoke detector systems installation

Home safety and security is of paramount importance. Smoke detectors, especially those in the kitchen, assist with evading fire outbreak accidents while the burglar system helps to prevent break-ins. Having an alarm and smoke detector system on your premises will save you from expensive repairs due to fire and theft damages as well as significant money in home insurance payments. And while at it, you will get to rest easy knowing that your home is under 24-hour protection.

Homeowners can hire reputable electricians to install the safety systems as the experts have the necessary techniques and tools to complete the job on time and with precision. They understand the right wiring and can provide quality installation services for a wide range of alarm and smoke detector systems as well as offer regular maintenance services.

Installation and upgrading of switchboards

An electrical switchboard is a device that distributes electricity from one source to another. A poorly installed or old switchboard distracts the supply of electricity in a home and also poses safety issues to the people living within the premises. Some common signs that you may need to replace the current switchboard include flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, and burning smell.

Also, most old switchboards cannot keep up with the energy in new homes, resulting in unnecessary tripping. The best solution to the above problems is getting a qualified electrician to upgrade or install a new switchboard. That will save you from safety risks such as electric shocks and house fires.

Installation of lighting fixtures, fittings, fans

Natural lighting from the sun is soothing, and it also improves the mood in homes by creating a bright and beautiful ambiance. However, sunlight lighting cannot reach all the corners of a house, and it is only available during the day hence not reliable. That is why residential owners incorporate electrical lighting. Electric light fixtures such as chandeliers allow for visual activities day and night and provide a path for the electricity to power up a bulb. They also enhance the inner décor and improve security at night.

Some homeowners try DIY methods instead of hiring a professional. Doing it yourself could lead to faulty grounding and improper wire connections. A qualified electrician in Wilmington, NC, will assist with choosing the right lighting for your needs, install the fixtures well, and ensure the wiring is well grounded.

Electrical rewiring and wiring panels

Installing a home’s wiring system or rewiring the existing system is a potentially hazardous project that requires expert knowledge and techniques. Electrical wiring for new construction needs permits and inspections from the local authority to ensure the installation meets the set codes. The only way to achieve this is by hiring a licensed electrician. Also, the home’s internal wiring system, electrical outlets, and receptors go through wear and tear over time, requiring repair or replacement services from a professional.

But how do you know your internal wiring has issues? If you are experiencing frequent sparks in the electrical outlets, buzzing sounds coming from the electric panels, and electrical shock in your home, it is no doubt you need to seek the services of an electrician promptly. Hiring an expert will save you money in the long run and keep your home safe. An electrician has the necessary tools to run through all the electrical points in the premise and offer a permanent solution, including rewiring or changing the panel.

Adding outlets, GFCI receptacles, USB ports

Another service that professional technicians offer is adding electric outlets and converting existing ones to ground fault circuit interrupters. According to the set electrical codes, one outlet in the kitchen and bathroom should be a GFCI outlet to prevent electric shock by shutting off power whenever a load of electricity becomes unbalanced or water comes into contact with the electricity. However, not all homes, especially the old ones, have this feature.

Call a professional electrician to install extra outlets and add a gFCI plug. Adding outlets involves replacing part of the wiring and cutting into the wall. Trying to do this on your own is not only tiresome but puts your life and home at risk as a small mishap can lead to fire outbreaks. If you need more charging spaces for your electronics, ask your local technician to convert the existing outlet to one with USB ports built-in.

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